How To Hack An Instagram Password In 2019

Instagram is the fastest growing social network, with more than a billion monthly active users. How many hours have you spent staring into your feed, lost in the beautiful images of all the fantastic people you follow? "The Gram", is a place when people go to share ideas, experiences, and celebrate their life.

However, what do you do if you get locked out of your account? Maybe someone swipes your phone and changes your passwords? Perhaps you lost your phone, and you can’t remember your password? Whatever the reason, there’s no way you can gain access into your profile without your login information – Or is there?

Here are three smart ways to hack into an Instagram account and reset your password – without having your login details.

DISCLAIMER – Ethical Use Only

Before we get started with this tutorial, its critical to note that the information we are about to share should only be for ethical purposes only. We don’t want anyone using this knowledge to hack other people's Instagram accounts.

Reasons Why You Should Hack an Instagram Account

The only time you should hack an account is if you're trying to break into your profile or the profile of someone that’s specifically requested you to do so. Always make sure you get consent from the user before you hack their account password.

The times when you might want to reconsider hacking an IG account

Never hack an account for malicious purposes like revenge or to steal personal information from a mark. The U.S Federal government has stiff penalties for anyone found to be breaking into another person’s Instagram account. If caught and convicted in a court of law, you could receive a fine and possibly some jail time depending on the circumstances of the case.

The Top 3 Ways to Hack an Instagram Account

Here are the top three ways to hack and Instagram account. All of these methods work as of 2019, so give one of them a try and let us know about your experience.

1. Brute-force with InstaPort

Note: this does not work anymore.

The brute-force method describes a strategy where you download a Instagram password hacker that runs password combinations for you, helping you crack an account. For our test, we used a program called, InstaRipper, it’s a free download in the Play store, and we like the user-friendly interface of the app. Load Instaripper, enter the account handle you're trying to crack, and the bot starts running through password combinations.

InstaPort receives automatic updates to its software of all the latest password combinations, running through them while operating in secrecy, out of view of the Instagram team and the account owner. These software tools even wipe your browser cookies clean, removing any trace of your activities.

Depending on the strength of the password., the InstaGate bot can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to find the right password combination for the account.

2. Phising pages

The second most popular working method for breaking into an Instagram account – is a phishing page. The attacker can set up a phishing page with a web host account, a free template, and a little HTML knowledge.

With a phishing page, the attacker essential creates a fake login page. The hacker sends the mark a link to the fake login page they form, where the victim then enters their login information. The phishing page records the entries and reports them directly to your email inbox, allowing you to access the account and change the password.

Phishing pages are popular with hackers because they work and they’re easy to set up, with minimal costs.

3. Social Engineering & Password Guessing

Our last suggested method for breaking into a Facebook account – Is social engineering. If you know the person you’re trying to hack, then try using their personal information, such as their birthday, dogs name, parent’s maiden names or home address and cellphone number to guess their password.

You might be surprised at how many people choose simple passwords, despite the warning that it’s a terrible internet security mistake. Some of our favorite common passwords to check include:

  • 12345
  • 123456
  • asdfg
  • qwerty
  • password
  • facebook
  • the victim's cellphone number

Wrapping Up – Check Your Instagram Password Security

As you can see, there’s plenty of ways to successfully hack an Instagram account; all you need is the right set of tools and a little bit of information. To prevent someone from breaking into your profile, it's best if you increase your internet security.

Make sure you’re using a third-party mobile security app to prevent people from hacking your phone and mobile hotspots and always keep your phone on your person at all times. All it takes is for you to leave your phone on a table, turn your back for a second – and it's gone. Imagine the inconvenience of someone stealing your phone – and how they now have access to all of your personal data.